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The US population is getting older.

By 2035, the number of people aged 65 or over will outnumber those aged 18 or younger. For the first time, there’ll officially be more senior citizens than children.

Now, aging’s a natural part of life that presents a wide range of positives. From seeing grandkids grow up to enjoying greater wisdom and free time, old-age isn’t all bad!

It does come with its challenges though. Bodies start to ail and simple tasks become harder. Standing up from a seated position is one example.

Thankfully, having a power lift chair can make a mighty difference.

Imagine a classic reclining chair that uses an electric motor to adjust the seating positions. An extensive range of seating angles is available at the push of a button.

These hi-tech seating solutions make life easier in all manner of ways. Want to learn more?

Read on for 6 key advantages of power lift chairs.

1. Facilitates Sitting and Standing

A primary benefit of power chairs is how they help you sit and stand.

The young and able-bodied take this ability for granted.

However, it can be a common challenge for anybody with mobility issues.

People who are longer in the tooth, have a disability, or recovering from an injury can struggle to get in and out of an ordinary chair.

After all, the process requires a reasonable level of physicality. Transitioning from one position to another engages your back, legs, and arms. The strain involved can be uncomfortable, painful or downright impossible in certain circumstances.

Thankfully, power chairs do most of the work for you. The motor inside raises the chair up to a level that’s close to standing, allowing you to hop right out!

It simply reverses the motion when you’re ready to sit back down, reclining gently back into a seated position.

2. Simple to Use

Modern technology can be a mystery to some older people.

Thankfully, you don’t need a degree in computer science to understand power lift chairs. You might not even need to read the instructions!

Most power chairs come with a handheld remote that controls the motor. The device will have a button for each possible seating position, with a drawing to represent them.

All you need to do is press the one you want, and the chair takes care of the rest.

High-quality options have a full-range of positions to try. You can move the footrest and seat back independently, and enjoy everything from a full-recline to a ‘standing’ position. Expect greater levels of comfort as a result.

3. Numerous Health Benefits

Power lift chairs offer a host of additional health benefits.

For example, many senior citizens experience a spike in blood pressure when they stand up too suddenly. It’s a common issue that can lead to light-headedness, which increases the chance of a fall.

The slow transition to a standing position via power chairs reduces the problem.

Pressure sores are another common burden for anybody who’s seated for extended periods. In fact, 2.5 million Americans suffer these sores every year.

The best way to prevent them is to move around. Of course, that’s no good to somebody with a mobility issue. Power chairs restore a semblance of mobility, helping you change position and stand up throughout the day.

You reduce the likelihood of getting sores in the process.

4. Improves Circulation

As you can tell, sitting down for too long can have numerous negative outcomes.

Circulatory issues are another common problem that can occur.

Circulation suffers when you remain in a seated position. It becomes harder for blood to flow through your legs and body. Numbness, swelling, and varicose veins are just a few potential repercussions.

Thankfully, power lift chairs can help by elevating your feet. This facilitates the flow of blood around your body and can relieve the pressure that’s accumulated.

5. Prolongs Independence

Physical challenges aren’t the only downside of getting older.

The newfound trials and tribulations can steadily remove independence too. No longer able to do everything for yourself, most older individuals must rely on others for support.

Asking for help isn’t easy for anyone who has enjoyed a lifetime supporting themselves. For that reason, most people wish to remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible.

Power lift chairs can play a key role here too. After all, standing up and sitting down is a fundamental part of daily life. Without support, being physically unable to sit or stand independently can have serious implications.  

These chairs restore and/or prolong one’s ability to do both. And, as a result, there’s less need for external help.  

6. Facilitates Carer-Support

Nonetheless, many people with mobility issues will have some degree of carer-support.

The job of a carer isn’t easy. Aside from the emotional side of the role, there’s usually a high level of physicality too. As it happens, one particular challenge can be helping someone out of their chair.

Lifting someone from a seated position is a recipe for back pain. Imagine doing it time and time again over days, weeks, months and years on the job. It would be more surprising not to experience back problems!

Power lift chairs make everybody’s life simpler. The task of standing and helping somebody stand is infinitely easier. As such, the risk of injury to both parties is reduced.  

Time to Purchase a Power Lift Chair

There you have it: 6 powerful benefits of a power lift chair!

The population of America is steadily getting older. Unfortunately, one downside to aging is its propensity to make physical matters that bit harder. Strength, flexibility, and mobility all become a challenge as time goes by.

As a result, those once simple tasks of sitting and standing can pose a significant challenge.

Thankfully, though, new seating-solutions have been developed to help. Power-lift chairs provide an effective way of making life that bit easier in older-age.

Hopefully, this post has highlighted the key advantages they provide.

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