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How many cups of coffee do you need to start your day? How many did you have before noon? How many did you have before the workday finished?

Now be honest, could you forego coffee and still function for one day or one week? Be even more honest, does coffee lift you out of that brain fog you are slogging through most days?

If you are like most people, your answers weren't even close to what you would like them to be. What if you could reduce your coffee needs or even skip it altogether?

Well, stick around to find out what you might be missing. (Hint, it might be brain boosters!)

The Magical Five Letter Word

Adults know how important a regular bedtime is for their young ones. The younger the child the more important quality sleep becomes. Also, the bigger the meltdowns can be.

Unfortunately, adults tend to be hypocrites on this subject.

We disturb our bedtimes with everything from stress to tv shows and bad habits. Even mental fog, the very thing you try to fix by getting more sleep acts as the thing keeping you from sleeping?

That's right, one missing component may very well be your lack of sleep. A sleep deficit cuts the legs out from under any other brain-boosting habit you try to incorporate.

"But I can't seem to fall asleep at night!" you argue back. If that is the case, the next likely culprit is a lack of exercise.

You have a limited amount of time, as with most adults. Try to incorporate crawling exercises into your day. Doing these for even five minutes at a time, a few times a day, can tire out your body and give your brain a little boost at the same time. 

The science behind what these exercises do for your brain is uncertain, but we know crawling is very primal and instinctual. Babies learn it without anyone teaching it to them. 

Supplements are worth exploration. But more sleep and extra exercise will increase their effectiveness. The brain and the body are one.

Nootropics: AKA Brain Boosters

Nootropics (pronounced noh-uh-TROP-iks), also called brain boosters, are supplements targeting brain function. There are plenty to choose from and no shortage of confusing reviews and claims about what herbs do what.

There are few products which science, nutrition and medicine all agree with as part of a healthy diet. Among that list are vegetables, oatmeal and fish. While all of these are good for the brain, the focus will be fish.

Unfortunately, many people don't care for the taste of fish and so lean towards fish oils instead. These oils, high in unsaturated fats, are good for every cell in your body, especially the brain cells.

Mostly, you want to make sure to eat small fish such as sardines, anchovies or mackerel. If the taste is too much, try to reach for supplements derived from these small oily fish.

In the realm of supplements, NooCube repeatedly receives high marks when reviewed. The makers studied the herbs, vitamins and amino acids needed for best brain function.

According to their testing, they have put them together in proper amounts. You can take the pill and enjoy their efforts.

Of course, you could also go out and research every individual ingredient. And you might experiment on them to learn how they interact with each other. But buying them premixed seems easier.

NooCube boasts a stimulant free recipe which will gently lift you out of your brain fog. Also, unlike your morning coffee, you wont have a sudden crash. Lastly, NooCube has a low price by comparison.

The brand Qualia also scores very high among independent reviewers. One review isn't enough to make a decision, but many reviews ought to make your head turn.

Qualia is more expensive and only available direct from the manufacturer. Also, while you have to take several pills for the dosage, it seems to be effective.

This supplement might be best for those who struggle with anxiousness or anxiety. It is supposed to help with rest by increasing mental clarity and reducing anxiety.

Qualia first developed a single, strong formula. Later, they released a newer, less potent variety. This was to accommodate those who felt the original gave them more boost than they wanted.

The final high scoring nootropic is Awaken. Awaken can also claim a unique ingredient profile. In other words, you aren't paying more for the same thing as any other nootropic would offer. 

Instead, you get a stimulant free boost, unlike what some other competitors offer. Much like Qualia, Awaken comes at a premium price. 

The makers deliver high-quality ingredients that also have high bio-availability. After all, what use is a good ingredient that goes through your digestive system and never makes it to your brain?

Also, and this is most important, the goal of its creators was to improve long-term functioning of the brain.

Go Give Your Brain What it Needs

Your brain is a complex organ with complex needs. We have all heard from a young age about the importance of sleep, exercise and nutrition. And surely, without those as your foundation, supplements will be less effective.

However, if you can, include some brain boosters in supplement form. You might find yourself with the drive to be more active, the calm to fall asleep earlier and the desire to eat more healthfully. 

Sleep is especially important, you might need to invest in sleeping or snoring aids to get a better night's sleep.

Maybe you can't put the foundation into place first. If that is the case, use these supplements as a first step in rebuilding a healthy base.

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