Diabetes is many things to the people who suffer from it; one major thing that it can be considered is an inconvenience. It interferes with day-to-day life and is often a source of frustration for those who suffer from it. And because it's such an epidemic – research shows that within 10-15 years, there could be up to 300 million diabetics worldwide – companies are working diligently to try to make life easier for diabetics.

Here are a diabetes supplies you might not have known about.

Painless Insulin Needles
Inspired by nicotine packages and their ability to painlessly inject the substance into the bloodstream, Hewlett-Packard has been revolutionizing the idea of a medicinal patch and has recently discovered how to fit insulin's large molecules onto one. Before long, you'll be seeing insulin patches – no more painful needles for diabetics!

Painless Blood Sugar Testing
As you can see, many industries are concerned with taking away painful testing and treatment for diabetics. Right now, companies are creating sensor-based testing lancets which, by sensing the patient's finger, are able to better control the needle so that it comes to a controlled stop before ever penetrating the nerve endings or creating pressure waves. Thus, it's virtually painless for the user.

More Convenient Testing Strips
Testing strips such as the Freestyle Lite test strips are designed to make testing easier for the patient. They use a patented technology that makes coding unnecessary, allowing the patient to read his or her blood sugar levels more quickly. They require smaller sample sizes, as well, which helps to reduce the amount of blood needed to take a reading. They're extremely accurate and take only five seconds to show results.

Insulin Pumps

Many diabetes patients are troubled by the fact that they have to stop what they're doing in order to take their daily dose of insulin. They often wish to find a private place in which to administer the injection and fear that they'll forget to take it. That's why insulin pumps were invented – to deliver insulin to the body in steady, measured doses and/or in surge doses as necessary. The patient no longer has to fear that he or she will forget to take insulin and it's a much more discrete way of administering the medicine. 

Living with diabetes is getting increasingly more comfortable and carefree with thanks to advancements like these. It's interesting to consider what new technology and medical supplies will show up in the years to come.


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