How Can You Save Money On Prodigy Test Strips

What if you could save money every month for the rest of your life? It sounds impossible, right? But if you have diabetes, you can save money with Prodigy test strips. All you have to know are a few trade secrets. And this knowledge translates directly to extra cash every month!

Keep reading to discover what these money-saving secrets are and how you can take advantage of them.


Why You're Paying Too Much for Prodigy Test Strips

Before learning about how to save money with these strips, you need to learn why you're paying too much money in the first place. What mistakes have you been making? Usually, the only mistake consumers make is treating these strips like a regular over-the-counter product, meaning you pay whatever the pharmacy charges. Sometimes, these prices are inflated. Consumers who don't know get ripped off. Often, consumers also don't know about the variety of tricks and programs designed to reduce the costs of such strips, like:


Coupon Codes

Chances are you get your test strips from the same pharmacy month after month. Why not turn that loyalty into regular savings for yourself? Many popular pharmacies offer coupon codes for their consumers. And they can help you out in a couple of different ways.

SaveRite Medical offers coupon codes for customers who order online. This allows you to get things like five dollars off of orders of $50 or more and free shipping for orders over $99. This is nice because it provides ongoing savings on a product that you need to regularly purchase. And there may be other coupon codes in the future that allow you access to even greater savings. Ultimately, coupon codes from companies like SaveRite represent a significant chance to let you save money every month. And things like free shipping give you a great incentive to order online!


Assistance Programs

If you have little income or insurance, you can save on your Prodigy test strips through an assistance program. Often, you can apply for assistance directly from the manufacturer. If not, your local charity organizations can also help you out. These programs help pay for strips not on the preferred list covered by your insurance. Unfortunately, becoming a member varies greatly. Certain programs require certain income and insurance levels. Others may require you to have a commercial insurance plan. Keep in mind that programs involving your insurance will require you have a prescription for your test strips!


Value Strips

Sometimes, we can overlook the easiest ways to save money, like switching from an expensive name brand to a cheaper generic, such as Prodigy test strips. Many consumers reflexively go for the brand name products. They're more familiar. The companies that made them spent a lot on marketing to make it that way. Those advertising costs get passed to the consumer, who ends up paying way too much. You can often save money by switching to store brand test strips instead. Retailers such as SaveRite Medical offer their own brand of test strips at a fraction of the name brand price. These strips are just as effective and you don't have to pay extra for fancy advertising. Don't forget to see if your insurance can reduce the cost of the strips you buy. You'll get better value on any brand of strips versus paying out of pocket!


Outreach Organizations

The money belt has tightened a lot over the years, especially for seniors. You have to save money where you can. Those with low income or little insurance may benefit an outreach organization. Such organizations specialize in assisting with the high cost of your personal medical care. The CR3 Diabetes Association takes donations of test strips and other supplies throughout the year. If you make less than $60,000 per year or have little to no health insurance, they can provide you with discounted test strips.

For the elderly with limited income, Benefits Checkup can help save you money. If you make less than $17,655 as an individual, they can help find savings programs best suited for you. Finally, RX Outreach can provide diabetes supplies to those who make less than $35,310 per year, thanks to a generous partnership with Prodigy.


Subscribe and Save

You can save even more money on your Prodigy test strips by simply subscribing to them. You get ongoing savings to continually take advantage of. Most consumers only buy strips when they need them. But you know you'll need them every month. Why not switch to a subscription model? You'll save time and money. In fact, subscribing now through SaveRite Medical can save you five percent off the cost of every box you order!


The Bottom Line

Dealing with diabetes is a pain. You don't need to add to it by paying too much for what you need. Instead, switch to Prodigy test strips. You'll save money, time, and plenty of worry.

Still have questions about diabetes supplies? We get it. Sorting through prices and brands is stressful. SaveRite Medical can help take the stress out of buying your medicine! At SaveRite, we are the final authority when it comes to getting the medical supplies. Our team of professionals will get you what you need at the prices you deserve. We don't just take care of your body. We take care of your wallet, too.

To see how SaveRite can save you money, come browse our low-priced diabetes supplies today! We can't wait to help start you on the path toward higher savings.


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