Pill Organizer

Which pill organizer is best for you or someone you love? There are a few factors to consider.

If you haven't looked at all of your options, then you're missing out on convenience as well as safety. It's important that you take your medication as prescribed. Otherwise, it can cause severe health issues.

Wondering how to choose the perfect pill organizer for you or someone you know? We've got you covered. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know before making your purchase.

Which Pill Organizer is Right For You?

Before we dive into all the different types of pill organizers out there, it's important to take some things into consideration.

If you are purchasing the pill organizer for a family member or senior, then you should consider the size and ease of use of the organizer. Seniors will probably not use the organizer if they are having a difficult time operating or handling it.

For people with arthritis and limited dexterity, pop-up or flip-up tops are considered the best type of organizers. It's also important to consider the size of each compartment.

Small containers may make retrieval difficult. You should also take in to account the size of the labels on the container for people who are vision-impaired.

Depending on who the organizer is for, you may want to also purchase a reminder alarm. For those who are forgetful, it's recommended that you have multiple alarms to avoid missed doses.

Some alarms are voice-controlled and have a sound range that can carry up to 100 feet. This ensures that the individual will hear the alarm and not forget to take their supplements and/or medications.

Voice-activated programming also allows you to record personalized reminders in any language.

Once-A-Day Pill Organizer

If you only need to take your medications one-a-day then there are convenient pill organizers to make life easy. These plastic pill containers have a compartment for every day of the week and are labeled to stay on track.

They also come in a see-through plastic so you can clearly view what days are left. You can also see if anything is missing or check to make sure you've taken everything for a given day. 

These small-sized pill organizers are easy to transport and are great for travel. Some can be difficult to open and close. Be sure that your pill organizer can be secured easily.

Some once-a-day pill organizers can also be individually detached. This is great if you are on-the-go and want to take your medications for a specific day with you. Rather than having to take the whole container.

Be careful not to lose the smaller compartments though.

Twice-A-Day Pill Organizer

When you have to take your pills twice a day, having a once-a-day pill organizer just won't cut it. It's far easier to use a twice-a-day pill organizer so you can easily separate out your pills between AM and PM dosages.

Twice-a-day organizers are similar to once-a-day but with an extra row of compartments. They are still relatively small and can travel easily. You can even purchase them with detachable compartments. 

So you can travel with just what you need for the day. It is easy to open and quickly retrieve your medications for the day. Plus, they also have the benefits of a see-through lid.


If your medications require you to take them four times a day, then there are pill organizers that can meet your needs. Without a pill organizer, your medications can easily get confusing.

That's why a four-times-a-day pill organizer will make things much easier. You'll be able to clearly see what you've already taken for the day as well as what is left. Plus, these containers are also clearly labeled for convenience.

Plus, you won't have to be searching through individual bottles to dig out your dosages for each time of the day.

Automatic Pill Dispensers

An automatic pill dispenser can take the stress not only out of knowing what to take but also when to take it. Sometimes we get caught up in our daily lives and lose track of time.

That's why having a pill organizer that can remember for you, is so convenient. Set the timer and an alarm sounds when it's time to take your medication. Some use a carousel design that is lockable as well as portable. 

Your medication is easy to retrieve when the timing is right. For some automatic dispensers, the alarm will go off until the unit is turned upside-down. Or after 30 minutes has passed. 

It's important to find an automatic pill dispenser that will also provide a warning for when the better is getting low. 

Monthly Pill Organizer

If you're tired of having to refill your container every week, then a monthly pill organizer might be best for you. These are also favorable for seniors and are good for caregivers or family members.

It's much easier to fill a monthly organizer, however, keep in mind that these types of organizers are generally big and bulky. So they're not great for traveling. If you don't expect to be venturing far any time soon then they're a great option.

You may also choose to have one of the smaller organizers as well, for when you will be out of town. 

Which Will You Choose?

Now that you know the options out there for pill organizers, which one will you choose? Pill organizers can make taking medications and staying on top of dosages much easier. The odds are greater that you'll stay on schedule with an easy-to-use container.

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