blood glucose test strips

Did you know that nearly 420 million people were living with diabetes all over the world in 2014? Almost 2 million deaths were attributed to diabetes in 2016 and this shows how dangerous this disease can be. Measuring your blood glucose levels is a good way to prevent diabetes and control its progression if you already have it.

And how do you measure your blood sugar levels? Using blood glucose test strips is a good option. These strips are ideal for people who have high blood glucose levels and need to monitor it regularly. But what are the benefits of glucose test strips? And how do they work? Keep reading to find out.

What Are Blood Glucose Test Strips and How Do They Work?

You probably went to a doctor's office for a glucose test before. The doctor pricks your finger and uses a small drop of blood on a test strip. This strip is connected to a device that gives an instant reading. This is how you find out if you have high glucose levels or if your diabetes treatment is working.

If you buy blood glucose test strips, you can do that by yourself. Each strip has a place where it makes contact with the drop of blood at one end. This small area contains chemicals that react with the glucose in your blood. It sends electrical signals to the other end of the strip that is connected to the blood glucose meter. 

The screen of the meter flashes a reading based on how much glucose reacted with the chemicals on the strip. The process is almost instant and very accurate. 

What Are the Benefits of Blood Glucose Test Strips?

These medical supplies provide users with a multitude of advantages. Although some diabetic patients use other methods to test their glucose levels regularly, the blood glucose test strips are still popular and used by millions of people worldwide. Here are their benefits:

1. You Can Check Your Glucose in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Back in the days, you could only test your glucose level in a doctor's office. This means frequent visits to the clinic, waiting at queues for your turn to see the doctor, etc. If you use blood glucose test strips, you get rid of all these problems. 

Your doctor might use a glucose meter and test strips for his/her patients anyway. So why not using these medical supplies on your own, in the comfort of your home? Such test strips are not difficult to use and they provide a convenient and simple way to test your glucose.

2. You Can Easily Measure How Well Your Diabetes Treatment Is Working

Each diabetic person is different and the treatment received needs to be adjusted depending on his/her glucose levels. If you use blood glucose test strips, you can check how well your treatment is doing by yourself. Is your glucose high after 2 weeks? Speak with your doctor and listen to his recommendations.

Is the glucose level back to normal parameters after another 2 weeks? The doctor's advice worked and now you just have to follow this personalized treatment. Test your glucose level regularly using the strips to see if your blood sugar readings fit a certain healthy range.

3. The Test Strips Come in Convenient Packages of 50 or 100 Strips

Remember that your test strips look like very small tickets made of paper. They are more complicated than that because they feature delicate circuits to conduct electrical current. However, each pack you buy has 50 or 100 strips. 

This supply should last you a long period of time, depending on how often you use them. When you're running out of test strips, you simply order more and be able to keep your glucose levels in check.

4. You Can Get Attractive Discounts and Freebies by Buying Glucose Test Strips

Since you're buying test strips in bulk, vendors might provide discounts to select customers. For example, you can get a 5% off on your subscription to blood glucose test strips. You might also be able to get a free glucose meter and this is a great deal.

These are just a few of the advantages you have by opting for test strips. Some vendors also offer free shipping on large boxes of 100 strips or additional freebies. 

5. The Blood Glucose Test Strips Are Accurate

These test strips are designed to work with a specific type of glucose meter. Although not all blood glucose test strips are 99% accurate, most of them are. This means that you get the real reading and find out the exact level of glucose in your blood.

Before buying blood glucose test strips, make sure that you check with the provider on how accurate they are. You should also find out what types of glucose meters are compatible with the strips you want to buy.

6. You Don't Need a Prescription to Buy Blood Glucose Test Strips

This is one of the most appreciated advantages of glucose test strips. You can simply walk up to a store or pharmacy and buy a test kit of 50 or 100 strips. You don't need a prescription and you can even buy them online if that's more comfortable for you.

7. Most Insurance Providers Cover Blood Glucose Test Strips

You might be happy to find out that most health insurance providers such as Medicare cover blood glucose test strips. This helps you save money and keep your glucose levels in check. Ask your current healthcare provider if they cover the strips you want to buy to have more peace of mind.

Now You Know the Benefits of Blood Glucose Test Strips

As you can see, blood glucose test strips can make the life of diabetic patients much easier. They also provide a convenient way for non-diabetic patients to check their blood sugar levels as a preventative measure.

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