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5 Essential Skin Care Tips to Follow this Summer

Marc Kaplan

The average human carries around 22-square-feet of skin every day.

It would be a huge bummer if all that stuff were severely damaged from careless sun exposure, right?

Exposure to the sun's UV rays can cause lasting damage, from wrinkles to age spots to cancer.

That's not a secret, of course. Yet, each year, millions of people invite the sun's harmful rays in to wreak havoc on their bodies by neglecting proper summer skin care.

Summer days shouldn't be about ruining your skin, and they don't have to be!

Interested to find out more? Read on for five important skin care tips!

1. Start on the Inside

No, really.

You know all about sunscreen, of course. But did you know there's a way to take care of your skin from the inside too?

Taking a skin care supplement, such as vitamin E, is a great way to increase your overall protection and get a head-start on prevention of sun damage.

While supplements should never be used as a substitute for sunscreen and protective clothing, they help add an extra level of security for your skin's wellbeing.

With regular use, they can work wonders in terms of preventing long-term UV damage. Furthermore, they can reduce the redness and swelling if you do get a bit too much sun.

Taking the appropriate dose each morning you plan to spend in the sun is an awesome extra step toward skin health.

2. Don't Leave It to Your Makeup

Sure, your foundation offers SPF protection. That shade looks good on you and makes your skin look super-smooth.

Unfortunately, it's not enough to protect your skin from the sun. Nowhere close, in fact.

In order for your foundation to work as effectively as a single coat of sunscreen, you'd have to apply 14 layers of makeup at once! Gross, huh?

Makeup is great for smoothing your skin tone and covering that old scar, but it does little in terms of UV protection.

It's not a bad idea, however, to apply a coat of sunscreen at the same time you do your makeup. Simply massage your skin with an SPF lotion before using foundation, powder, and other products.

Plus, putting on a good base layer of sunscreen with your moisturizer and primer is a great idea for establishing a protective foundation each day.

3. Lather up Ahead of Time

Sure, it's convenient (and sometimes sexy) to lather up your skin with sunscreen once you've made it to the beach and stripped down to your suit.

But the fact is, applying sunscreen after you got dressed means you're more likely to miss a spot, leaving the neglected area prone to direct sunlight.

Apply sunscreen evenly across every part of your body, even if you think it might stay mostly covered.

Skip out on the weird patches from that spot you just couldn't get to because of your swimsuit. Lather up before you even get dressed.

The other important reason for taking this particular tip seriously is that lathering up before you're in the sun means you'll be protected from the start.

SPF needs between 20 and 30 minutes to properly absorb into your skin and give you the protection you need. Waiting until you're already sprawled out on your towel means your body is sun protection-free for half an hour. That's plenty of time for UV-rays to barge in and do some serious damage.

4. Remember Your Head

When it comes to fun in the sun, many people forget their heads altogether. What protection does your head need? Isn't that what hair is for?

Truth is, no matter how luscious your locks, the sun doesn't have too hard a time beating past your hair to attack your scalp.

A burn along your part may seem minor, but consider the potential long-term damage if that area is allowed to be burned over and over each time you spend a little time in the sun. Ouch.

Protecting your head is a quick and easy fix; consider misting your whole scalp and hairline with a spray-on sunscreen. A sunblock with SPF 50 is the perfect way to protect your poor little head.

If you don't have a spray sunscreen on hand, or you're just not into the idea of spraying sunscreen on your scalp, grab your favorite hat.

Bonus: you won't have to apply a new hat each hour, and this option will provide even better sun protection for your nose and face!

5. Don't Make Excuses... Seriously

"Ugh, I can't wear sunscreen on my face, I'll break out!"

That sucks. Know what sucks worse?

Long-term, irreversible skin damage.

In most cases, people who break out when they use sunscreen don't actually break out from the sunscreen itself; it's usually from all the sun-induced sweating. Many brands sell sunscreens with water-resistant formulas that can help combat this issue.

If you've already tried a water-resistant formula without any luck, consider switching to a gel-based sunscreen to avoid breakouts.

Whether you're worried about zits, feeling lazy, or just like the way your skin looks with a little sun-kissed pink, stop.

Making excuses to get out of proper summer skin care is a recipe for disaster later in life, and sometimes even later in the day. Put the excuses aside and watch yourself age beautifully.

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The time and money it takes to practice proper summer skin care is nothing compared with the financial and emotional tolls associated with premature aging. Not to mention the costs of emergency care in case of sunburn.

Check out our blog for new ideas, quality products, and skin care tips!

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-Marc Kaplan

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