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Sephure Rectal Suppository Applicator, Applicator Size A2


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Sephure® Rectal Suppository Applicator is a patented disposable Suppository Applicator that allows comfortable and hygienic administration of suppository medication. Patients who use suppository medication to treat hemorrhoids and constipation trust Sephure® Applicators. Unlike female applicators, Sephure® is uniquely designed for rectal administration of suppositories eliminating the suction effect leaving the suppository properly placed away from the nerve endings that signal the body to expel the contents of the bowel. Sephure® is available in two sizes based on the size of the suppository. Suppositories, such as Preparation H®, Tucks® Internal Soothers, Anusol®, Calmol-4, Dulcolax®, Fleet® Glycerin, Magic Bullet®, and over-the-counter generic suppositories work well with Sephure® suppository applicators sized A2. Suppositories not included.

  • Clean, hygienic, and proper administration of suppository medications.
  • Single use, individually wrapped applicators.
  • Laxative and constipation suppositories, hemorrhoid suppositories, and other OTC and Rx suppositories fit Sephure® applicators.

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