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Simpurity Collagen Powder 1g Vial


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100% Bovine Collagen, Non-Bleached, High Exudate Absorption, Sterile The Simpurity™ Collagen in a powder form provides the health care professional with flexibility and adaptability to place collagen in wounds of various sizes and shapes. Simpurity™ Collagen wound powder is a lyophilized medical grade bovine collagen presenting as a clean, white powder. And, like human connective tissue, Simpurity™ Collagen wound dressings are rich in Type One Collagen with a unique porous structure that provides excellent absorption and scaffolding for cell proliferation and migration.

  • Easy application and superior conformity to the wound.
  • Creates a soft, conformable gel on contact with wound fluid.
  • Highly biocompatible, porous scaffold encourages healing.
  • Cross linking process increases mechanical strength and moderates enzymatic digestion.
  • High exudate absorption and retention provides moist wound healing environment.
  • May be used as a hemostatic dressing.
  • 100%, non-bleached, native undigested bovine collagen.

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