Adult Vent Circuit Anti-Disconnect Device


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Marpac Inc Adult Vent Circuit Anti-disconnect Device

Marpac's Vent Circuit Antidisconnect Device is designed to help keep your ventilator securely fastened to your tracheostomy tube resulting in fewer, accidental disconnects. It is made of a unique cloth/foam laminate that is gentle on the skin and nonadhesive, yet grips your vent circuit securely. The Velcro® tabs on Marpac's Antidisconnect have rounded edges so there are no rough edges on your neck.

  • Our device features perforations in the center to allow for the easy threading of your vent circuit though it before securing it to the tracheostomy collar with the soft, Velcro® tabs
  • The foam will securely grip your vent circuit while the soft fabric is gently on your skin.
  • Use with Marpac Tracheostomy Collars, although Marpac€™s Antidisconnect will work with other tracheostomy collars

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