Bivona FlexTend TTS Plus Pediatric V Neck Flange Tracheostomy Tube, Size 4.0


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This Tracheostomy Tube is designed for pediatric patients who require intermittent or temporary cuff use. The cuff, when inflated, helps create a seal between the tube’s outer wall and the trachea to direct airflow through the inner lumen, protecting against aspiration and optimizing respiration in ventilated patients and patients performing lung expansion therapies. When the seal is no longer needed, the cuff can be deflated and it rests Tight-to-Shaft (TTS), reducing the risk of trauma to the trachea and allowing the patient to speak. A SuperSlick® coating applied to the silicone surfaces aids in tube insertion, removal, cleaning and reinsertion, most beneficial to patients, clinicians and homecare providers. The non-ferrous wire makes this tracheostomy tube MR conditional with magnetic resonance imaging. Packaged individually sterile with obturator, twill tape and disconnection wedge.

  • Maintains airway patency.
  • Aids weaning and speaking.
  • Extended tubes have been shown to help reduce tracheostomy related pressure ulcers.
  • Common applications: Common applications: Mechanical ventilation, weaning, phonation and home care.
  • Can be reprocessed up to five times and is made of soft, natural, biocompatible silicone that is intended to be gentle on sensitive body tissues.
  • Sterile.
  • Latex-free.

WARNING! Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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