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NeilMed® WaxOut™ Flexible Ear Cleaner, 12 Count

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Coil: Contains interlocking rolls that compress to help collect and loosen material, as well as extract water the coil functions as the perfect cotton swab replacement.Bristle: Comprised of a collection of different fiber lengths and thicknesses to help loosen and collect material and debris, as well as aiding in itch relief.Screw: Works by boring into, displacing, and helping to collect material and debris laterally into the ridges, moving it out of the ear canal.Club: Designed with a stubby, bumpy surface with perforations leading to a central cavity to help detach, dislodge, and collect material and debris, while also working to exfoliate the ear canal.Indications: Cleaning of debris, itch relief, exfoliation, water extraction and superficial wax around the ear and outer ear canal, daily or less frequent use may be beneficial.Warnings: Discontinue use if it fells pain, plugging, pressure, hearing loss, congestion or bleeding, repeated use without cleaning may introduce contamination and lead to infection or ear damage.

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