Pediatric Oxygen Mask, w/7' Safety Tube And Vent


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Salter Labs High Concentration Non-Rebreathing Mask Transparent, Soft Anatomical Shape, with 7Ft Three Channel Safety Tube and Safety Vent, Elastic Headstrap

Partial re-breathing model or non re-breathing model, with and without safety vents. A transparent mask with soft anatomical shape, ideal for long term and edentulous patients. Aluminum nose clip aids in a comfortable fit. A reservoir bag and different one way valve configurations make this available as a partial re-breathing mask. Over-the-ear or elastic head strap style. Three-channel crush-resistant tubing standard on all masks. Another Salter exclusive.

  • Transparent mask with soft anatomical shape.
  • Three-channel safety tubing.
  • Precision check valve on non-rebreathing mask.
  • Adult mask in over-the-ear style A Salter innovation.
  • Wide, adjustable elastic strap also available.
  • Assures proper oxygen concentration.
  • Fits comfortably below the ears to hold mask snugly in place.

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