Nebulizer, w/I Guard Adult Aerosol Mask


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Salter Labs I-Guard™ 8900 Series Nebulizer with Adult Aerosol Mask (MVP) 2and Elastic Headstrap and 7Ft Supply Tube

This special system utilizes the Salter Nebu-Tech® HDN® or the 8900 series Nebulizers and a Salter Aerosol mask with elastic head strap in several special configurations. They are engineered with special valves or vents to maximize aerosol delivery to the patient's nose and mouth while diminishing the incidence of aerosol irritating the patient's eyes. Available in Pediatric, and Adult sizes. A combination of Salter Labs Nebulizers coupled with specially designed and constructed masks, to diminish aerosolized medication entering a patient's eyes.

  • Valved assembly for adult and pediatric patients.
  • Color coded, directional flow, one way valves and micro-vented ports.
  • Mask has integral tapered slip fitting connector.
  • Lightweight mask and Nebulizer assembly with elastic headstrap.
  • Soft, clear, curved, feathered edge mask design.
  • Anatomically shaped, elongated style mask.
  • Soft aluminum nose clip.

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