Anyone who uses a smartphone, computer, e-reader, or tablet has taken themselves out of the routine for a second to think, "Wow, technology has really come a long way." It's impossible not to – it's undeniably amazing that we have the answers to all questions and the ability to contact nearly anyone right at our fingertips. The progress that has been made in the past decade alone is astounding.

And while our smartphones and tablets show us technology in action every day, they're just the tip of the iceberg. Recent advancements in science – particularly, medical science – put our meager handheld devices to shame. Thanks to technology, being a patient as well as a caregiver is becoming a much more comfortable endeavor…and we're not even referring to the medicine itself! 

Did You Know: Technology can Nag you to Take your Meds!
According to a report, over half of patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses aren't taking their medications properly. The main reason? Simply because they forget. Now there are glowing pill bottle caps you can buy that beep and flash when it's time to take your meds – and, if you ignore the reminder, you can have it set up to send your phone a text or e-mail as a back-up reminder. Similarly, there are now plenty of smartphone apps on the market that you can set to alert you as well, while also reminding you when it's time to refill your prescription and storing your information. 

New Technology for a Less Clunky Vital Monitoring System, Too!
A recently-released product known as the ViSi is a small unit worn on the wrist that monitors a hospital patient's heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, breathing rate, and oxygen levels. It's totally wireless, and even better, it alerts hospital staff of any potentially threatening inconsistencies. Hospital stays are now more comfortable and convenient for both patients and nurses. 

Buying Medical Supplies has Never Been Easier
For in-home caregivers and patients, maintaining a consistent supply of medical necessities is both time-consuming and sometimes expensive. More and more medical supply wholesalers are popping up, offering discount prices on necessary supplies like catheters, wound dressings, blood sugar monitors, and even Corpak feeding tubes. Caregivers can order in advance, having the products delivered right to their door at a much lower price than buying in the store. This lends them the option to order from their smartphones, as well.

You Can Even Have a Virtual Workout Buddy
A lot of people are simply faced with the need to start eating better and working out for the sake of their health. Now, there are comfortable (and sometimes even stylish) bracelets that track your daily activity, caloric intake, and even sleep cycle. Nothing encourages you to get moving quite like seeing your very own statistics right in front of you – plus, you can set goals, mark achievements, and track progress.


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