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8 Benefits of Using a Nebulizer Machine

Marc Kaplan

If you’re under a doctor’s care for a respiratory illness, there’s a good chance that at some point your doctor will discuss the possibility of your getting a nebulizer machine. Obviously, your doctor sees the likelihood of a nebulizer working more effectively than your current medical treatment whether your regular routine includes pills, shots, or inhalers.

But what exactly is a nebulizer, and what are its advantages.

What is a Nebulizer Machine?

A nebulizer is an electrical device that converts liquid medication into a medicated mist that you inhale using a mask or a mouthpiece.

The standard nebulizer will expel the medicated mist in a steady stream until either all the medicine has been used or the machine is turned off. The time spent inhaling the medication will vary, but ordinarily it lasts from 10 to 20 minutes.

However, you may still be wondering why your doctor thinks it’s time to switch from your old treatment to a nebulizer. The answer is that your doctor is convinced of several advantages a nebulizer offers. Let’s examine eight key benefits.

Nebulizer Treatments Work Faster

According to the American Association for Respiratory Care, the bronchodilator Albuterol begins working approximately five minutes after you take by nebulizer. However, the same medicine would require roughly 30 minutes to begin working if you were to take it in pill form.

Medicines that you swallow have to first be broken down by the digestive system. Then it has to enter the bloodstream and circulate until it reaches the part of the body actually in need of the medicine. In contrast, a medicine taken by nebulizer bypasses the digestive system and the bloodstream, going immediately to the inflamed airways.

When someone is having an asthma attack, minutes can seem to pass like hours. Every minute saved reduces the chance of the asthma attack escalating into an even bigger health concern.

Nebulizer Treatments Produce Fewer Side Effects

Using a nebulizer tends to produce fewer side effects than taking medicines orally. Fewer patients complain of increased heartbeats or headaches.

Nebulizer therapy can be used for years with less long-term side effects compared to long-term steroid treatment which can cause a high blood sugar level, high blood pressure, weight gain, and the loss of bone mass.

Nebulizers are Simple to Use

The simplicity of using a nebulizer makes it possible for most people to administer their medication at home without any assistance from nurses or home healthcare agents. Nebulizers are not complicated equipment. The average person daily operates household appliances that are far more challenging than a nebulizer.

Nebulizers don’t require the patient to inhale or exhale in any certain way. In fact, he should breathe normally though somewhat deeply. Contrast that method with the use of an inhaler. Inhalers require patients to perform a complex choreography involving their inhalation and exhalation along with triggering the device.

Nebulizers Are Convenient

Nebulizers come in sizes small enough to take with you across town, out of state, or overseas. They’re easy to unpack and set up.  

The typical nebulizer requires only the one normal household outlet. However, there are also battery-operated nebulizers for those times when there’s no electrical outlet available. The batteries are rechargeable.

Nebulizers Can Improve Your Long-Term Health

Nebulizer treatments can arrest a sudden respiratory flare-up, but they can also be used as a preventive medicine. Following a doctor’s guidelines, a patient could use a bronchodilator such as Albuterol as part of a daily regimen to keep the airways functioning correctly.

Nebulizers Offer Emotional Comfort

A nebulizer can give you peace of mind. Once you have experienced the quick results that come from a nebulizer, you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that relief from a respiratory emergency is only a few minutes away. It’s like having a competent medical assistance always standing ready at your side.

There are multiple types of nebulizers on the market so that you and your doctor can choose the one most appropriate for your respiratory treatment.

There are jet nebulizers which use high-speed air to convert your liquid medication into a breathable mist. Ultrasonic machines perform the same function using sound waves rather than air.

Other nebulizers vibrate to break the medicine into tiny drops. There are still other nebulizers which emit a mist of medicine only when you inhale. It therefore uses less medicine than the other types of nebulizers.

Nebulizers Can Help You Remain Active

The fear of having a respiratory attack can make you avoid social situations that you would otherwise love to attend. Having a nebulizer with you at all times can get you out of the house and back into life.

Nebulizers Are Cost Effective

Fortunately, nebulizers are relatively inexpensive equipment.

One trip to the emergency room costs several times that of an average nebulizer. It’s sad to think about how many times people have had to go to the emergency room because they didn’t own a nebulizer. Once they arrive at the emergency room they’re likely to receive the same medicine using a nebulizer that they could have used at home.

If a nebulizer is well-maintained, it’s not an item that needs to be replaced frequently. Your nebulizer will remain in your home long enough to pay for itself many times over.

Where to Get a Nebulizer Machine

It’s not overly dramatic to say that nebulizer machines save lives. If your doctor recommends a nebulizer for your or someone you love, consider shopping at Save Rite Medical, a long-standing provider of quality home medical equipment.

Don’t suffer any longer. Improve the quality of your life or that of someone close to you with a convenient easy-to-use nebulizer machine. Contact us today using our website or call us at 1 (866) 923-1544.