ostomy belt

Ostomy is the artificial opening in the body connected to an organ. This is done during a few operations including an ileostomy, a gastrostomy, or a colostomy. When a person can no longer eliminate waste as normal, a stoma (or opening) is created in the abdomen. 

This hole allows for the body's waste to be rerouted and removed. Attached to the stoma are ostomy appliances, which hold the waste. If you're someone who has a stoma or ostomy appliances, then you need to consider using an ostomy belt. 

An ostomy belt brings ostomy patients many great benefits including better comfort and security. Still debating if an ostomy belt is right for you? Continue reading below for 5 reasons why you should start wearing one!

What Is an Ostomy Belt?

Before we get into the reasons why wearing an ostomy belt is worth it, let's discuss what an ostomy belt is exactly. Ostomy belts help support the weight of the ostomy appliances, which attach to the stoma. 

The belt attaches to the ostomy bag through loops and then wraps around the person's entire abdomen. These belts are known as accessories in the ostomy world, however, they might be more necessary than you think. 

1. Supports the Ostomy Pouch

Without proper support, the ostomy pouch can weigh down the stoma. The ostomy belt prevents this from happening. If you're someone who uses an adhesive to support the ostomy pouch, then consider the comfort you'll experience from making the switch.

Many patients either with or without sensitive skin experience skin irritation due to the adhesives being used. However, those with sensitive skin will benefit from using a belt even more so as the adhesives might be damaging to the skin. And when using a convex skin barrier, the ostomy pouch belt helps to keep it sealed correctly.

With your ostomy belt, you won't have to worry about your stoma snagging on anything or detaching. It keeps the pouch nice and steady and in its rightful place. 

2. Provides Optimal Comfort 

The belt holds the pouch firmly next to your body. This keeps you from feeling the weight of the bag. The ostomy belt is also made to fit along with the contours of the body. 

This helps in providing optimal comfort. You will no longer feel tension from the pouch. It also stops the pouch from moving around. 

With an ostomy belt, you'll be given so much comfort that you might even forget that you even have an ostomy pouch at all!

3. Eliminates Skin Rashes 

When an ostomy bag drags and rubs across the skin, it creates a skin rash for many. Once you've experienced a skin rash caused by the ostomy pouch, you'll understand just how important it is to prevent it from happening.

Not only is a skin rash irritating and uncomfortable, but it can also lead to infections. Think about the first thing you normally do when you have a rash. You scratch it or itch it. 

If you have a rash near the stoma, then you're most likely going to scratch near it. A constant need to scratch near the stoma may lead to possible infections or more irritation. The ostomy belt will eliminate this risk. 

4. Prevent Leaks 

If your pouch leaks around the edges of the stoma, then you might be in need of an ostomy belt. The leaking may be due to the pouch moving with you during your everyday activities. This is not what you want to happen.

You want the pouch to remain stable and in place even when engaging in physical activities. That is exactly what a belt will do. The belt is going to keep the pouch snug up against your body preventing it from pulling and causing leaks

5. Improves Your Confidence 

At the very least, your ostomy belt will help boost your confidence levels. We know how difficult it can be to adjust to having an ostomy pouch and stoma. It's a lot to get used to and having one can affect a person's confidence without a doubt.

However, using an ostomy belt keeps the pouch secure and discrete. You'll no longer need to worry about completing your normal day-to-day activities. With your new ostomy belt, you can continue to partake in all of the normal things that you used to do before having an ostomy pouch.

In most settings, those around you won't even be able to tell that you have an ostomy pouch on!

Purchase Your Ostomy Belt Today! 

Having an ostomy pouch placed on your body is a big change to accept. Your life might seem that it has changed forever, but it's important to remember that it doesn't have to be that way. With the help of an ostomy belt, you no longer need to worry about all of the negatives that come along with an ostomy pouch. 

Everyone has their own reasons why they might be looking for something different than what they currently have in regards to their ostomy system. No matter what your reason is, we hope that reading through these benefits is enough to convince you to try an ostomy belt yourself. 

Is your pouch dragging, pulling, or snagging on things? Try out an ostomy belt! 

Does the weight of your ostomy pouch feel like it's bringing you down and leading to discomfort? Put a stop to it with an ostomy belt.

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