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Nipro TRUEtrack Smart System Test Strip (50 count)

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  • Nipro TRUEtrack Smart System Test Strip (50 count) - Save Rite Medical
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Truetrack glucose test strips present a high level of convenience and practicality to diabetic patients who value simplicity in blood glucose testing. Whether testing is done while at home or on the road, Truetrack diabetic test strips keep patients on track with optimal glucose management every day of treatment. 

Only a single microliter of blood has to be taken and applied to the strip during a testing session. For patients, this translates to less time spent on the process and also less pain endured. When testing has to be done in circumstances that are less favorable to easy application of the sample, the ability to get by with such a small blood sample is a serious benefit.

Truetrack diabetes test strips possess capillary activity, which eliminates the need to carefully place samples onto the testing surface. Instead, the strip draws the fluid onto itself, reducing the effort and stress usually involved in this procedure. Spilling blood samples is less common with this feature in place. Patients with coordination issues or joint problems will be relieved the first time they try Truetrack test strips and see how easily application is accomplished.

Large size also adds to the usability of Truetrack glucose test strips. Patients whose arthritis or other joint issues give them problems dealing with tiny test strips will almost certainly have an easier time with these. From sample application to insertion into the glucose monitor, less attention and coordination is required for successful handling of Truetrack diabetic test strips.

Results appear to users of Truetrack diabetes test strips in only 10 seconds, eliminating wasted time due to slow processing. This additional time can be spent putting testing supplies away, preparing diabetes-friendly snacks to help maintain blood glucose levels and preparing diabetes journal entries. Finally, the reduced time lost is encouraging for patients who are just starting to do routine testing throughout the day, when work and recreation must be stopped repeatedly for glucose testing.

Users of Truetrack test strips don't have to worry about manual entry of calibration codes. In each package of testing strips, a code chip is included that will take care of calibration for the entire package, ensuring accuracy until the last strip has been used in the Truetrack smart system monitor.

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