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TenderWet Active Gel Pad Dressing 4" x 5"

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Medline Industries Tenderwet Active Polyacrylate Gel Pad Cavity Hydrogel Dressing 4" x 5" Size Rectangle Shape with Ringer’s Solution, Pre-saturated

Medline Tenderwet Active Pre-wet Dressing is a pre-saturated polyacrylate gel pad that rinses and debrides necrotic wounds for up to 24 hr and provides easier application. It has a hydrophobic back to help provide a protective barrier for the wound.

  • Helps debride necrotic wounds by creating a rinsing effect as large molecule proteins found in dead tissue and bacteria are attracted to TenderWet Active’s core.
  • Reduces pathogens by absorbing and retaining pathogens within the TenderWet Active pad.
  • Uses physiologically-compatible solution which contributes electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and calcium to the wound bed.
  • More effective than wet gauze therapy as can be left in place for up to 24 hr without drying out, while offering a barrier against microorganisms.
  • Helps create an ideal healing environment.
  • High fluid retention even under compression as it retains large amounts of fluid.
  • Easy application and removal, will not stick to the wound bed allowing for virtually pain-free removal.

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