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SleepWeaver® Advance Cloth Nasal Mask is indicated for use with CPAP, Bi-Level and Auto-titrating systems on patients over 30kg. The SleepWeaver Advance is a smaller alternative to our one size fits most SleepWeaver Advance. The new design optimizes patient fit with reduced leakage and improved comfort. The first-ever non-allergenic, breathable cloth interface is soft and comfortable, unlike the hard, plastic masks that most users dislike.

  • Improved zzzephyr seal: A special cloth material that gently inflates like a balloon to achieve a seal around the nose.
  • Updated exhalation: Exhalation holes for quieter operation. Just the right amount of exhalation without omitting a disruptive amount of air.
  • Unique inflatable design: Inflates or "balloons" with the flow of air, gently sealing against the user's face.The zzzephyr seal shifts with movement and accommodates a wide range of sleeping positions without losing seal.
  • Special breathable cloth design eliminates fogging common in hard plastic masks. Keeps skin dry and comfortable.
  • New smaller size: 15% smaller for people who need a smaller fit.
  • Lightweight.

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