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Restore Contact Layer Flex Dressing 2" x 2" | 50-506487

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Featuring: Non-adherent TRIACT Technology for virtually pain-free dressing changes.
  • An ultra-flexible mesh that makes the dressing highly conformable
  • Gentle tack helps keep the dressing in place
  • Can be used in conjunction with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)
Key Benefits:
  • Flexible: Comfortable for patient during application and while in place
  • Highly Conformable: Can be shaped to fit contours of deep or irregular wounds, and in difficult anatomical locations
  • Non-Adherent: Virtually pain-free dressing removal for enhanced patient comfort
  • Maintains a Moist Wound Interface: Forms a gel in the presence of exudates
  • Minimizes Trauma to the Wound Bed: The dressing's gentle tack helps keep it in place over the wound

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