Reduction Kit Lower Leg, Regular, Long, 40 cm


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40cm L, < 65cm Lower Leg Circumference, Latex-Free

CircAid® new leg reduction kit is a revolutionary new way to treat lymphedema. Designed for use in the early decongestive phase of treatment, the reduction kit replaces traditional bandaging and wrapping. This gives the patient the freedom to maintain a normal lifestyle without constant trips to the clinic for wrapping. You can easily remove the leg reduction kit before bathing, and easily put it back on so you don't lose any of the reduction you've gained. The built-in-tension system allows you to make small adjustments to the garment as your leg reduces. After significant reductions, your therapist or clinic can adjust or customize the Reduction Kit. Lower leg reduction kit includes reduction lower leg component, leg undersleeve, reduction shelf strap, (6) Velcro® stays, built-in-tension system guide card, paper measuring tape and directions for use.

  • Inspired by freedom - created for the patient.
  • Customize in the clinic and adjust as needed during treatment.
  • Patients are able to easily don and doff kit components and adjust to the desired compression levels along with edema reduction.
  • Greater patient freedom results in better compliance and results.
  • Built-in-tension guide card provides targeted compression ranges for improved results.
  • Machine washable.

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