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Premier 1-Piece Drainable Pouch Precut 5/8" Barrier Opening, Pouch Size 1" with Karaya

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Pcs: One

Type: Drainable

Stoma Opening: 5/8" Pre-Cut, Convex 

Size: 12" L, Standard

Filter: Replacement Filter

Closure: Clamp Closure

Backing: None

Color: Transparent

Belt Tabs: Yes

Hollister Karaya 5 Drainable Pouch with replaceable filter is a discreet pouch with exclusive Karaya 5 seal ring and built-in convexity which protects the skin from stomal discharge. Natural Karaya offers flexibility, shallow convexity and is bacteriostatic. It provides security with porous tape and high level of confidence and comfort is achieved by using superior pouch materials. Unique replaceable carbon filter absorbs odor and vents gas.

  • Skin protected from stomal discharge by Karaya 5 seal ring; natural Karaya offers flexibility, shallow convexity and is bacteriostatic.
  • Security and confidence assured with porous tape.
  • Confidence and comfort by using superior pouch materials; odor-barrier rustle-free film is soft and silent.
  • Plastic belt tabs permit easy attachment of a belt to the pouch for additional security.
  • Bathing/swimming allowable.

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