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Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Test Strip (50 count)


Sold By: Box of 50
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Diabetic patients don't have to worry about coding hassles with Precision Extra diabetic test strips. Calibration is handled automatically by microchip technology included with each package of testing strips, smoothing out testing for all patients. Blood application is simpler than ever, with multiple filling methods possible.After applying blood to the test strip, patients simply place the strip into the monitor and wait only five seconds for results. Reliably accurate test results appear in very little time so patients can quickly proceed to record the numbers in a diabetic log book or similar journal. The ease of use results in less mental and physical exertion with each test, turning regular testing into a relaxing routine instead of a time-intensive chore.Alternative site testing capability means diabetics can use Precision Extra diabetes test strips to check their blood glucose from places other than their fingertips, such as the calf, abdomen or palm. While the fingertips contain plenty of capillaries that make them perfect for drawing blood, other areas are also great for testing after approval by a medical professional, and they're often welcome changes from the ultra-sensitive fingertips. Blood glucose levels are similar between the fingertips and alternate sites at most times, but when glucose is falling, these alternate areas can provide incorrect readings. No matter where patients decide to test using their 50 Precision Extra test strips, only 0.6 microliters of blood are required for a successful test. Patients can quickly use their lancets to stick their fingertips or alternate test sites and remove the right amount when it's time for routine glucose testing. The tiny blood requirement means that there's never any need for patients to soak Precision Extra glucose test strips with several drops of blood. Precision Extra diabetic test strips have been outfitted with TrueMeasure technology, which cuts down on wasted test strips and prevents testing errors. In addition, patients using Precision Extra diabetes test strips don't have to worry about distortion of test results by foreign substances such as acetaminophen, vitamin C or aspirin. Patients only have to wait five seconds for accurate results from their 50 precision extra test strips, making these strips especially suited for testing in a hurry. These strips are only designed for use with the Precision Xtra Advanced

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