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Optifluid Stoma Oil, 25 mL Bottle | BH-31525

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Optifluid® Stoma Oil Bottle 25mL, Colorless, Neutral

Stoma oil is a colourless, neutral oil and serves as a lubricant for tracheostomy tubes. You should not use creams or other lubricants, as these could possibly damage the cannula material and irritate the mucous membranes unnecessarily.

  • Stoma oil is also ideally suited as a care product for non-metal tracheostomy tubes.
  • The lubricant film facilitates the assembling of the inner and outer cannulas and prevents them from sticking and damaging the material.
  • Stoma oil is harmless and has been tested for its compatibility.
  • The glass bottle has a dropper, which enables sparing dosage of the oil.


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