MTG Hydrophilic Straight Tip Pediatric Intermittent Catheter, 10 Fr, 10" Vinyl Catheter with Sterile Water Sachet and Handling Sleeve


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MTG Hydrophilic Straight Tip Pediatric Intermittent Catheters are latex and DEHP-free and have a color coded, French size appropriate funnel. The slippery hydrophilic lubrication makes catheter insertion much easier with low friction and the invisible, sheer lubricant is less messy than gels. The blue "no touch" sleeve allows for insertion without touching the catheter tubing thereby reducing risk of contamination. Smooth, fire polished eyelets allow for comfortable passage through the urethra and into the bladder and the offset eyes provide drainage from two points. The 10" length is ideal for children and young teens since they are less cumbersome to manage than adult length catheters.

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