Montgomery, Long Term Cannula, Size 10, Silicone


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Long-Term Cannula features a 27° angled flange to ensure that the tube rests horizontally when seated in the trachea-nothing protrudes into the trachea. The tube has a highly polished surface that permits and encourages growth of epithelium between the trachea and the skin. Once inserted, a ring washer is applied, ensuring patient safety. A dual-purpose groove along the axis of the tube rests in the "6 o' clock" position for orientation and serves as a drainage vent.

  • Indications for use: To provide a secondary airway, used to replace a standard tracheostomy tube.
  • Length can be trimmed to any neck size.
  • Dimensions: 37mm.
  • Stoma length: 25mm to 33mm.
  • 13mm OD.
  • Sterile.

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