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InCare Vaginal Sensor Short Tampon

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Uromed Technology Inc InCare® Vaginal Sensor Short Tampon, Single-use, Latex-free, No Flange, Holds 15cc of Air

The InCare&trade Sensors are intended to provide messaging from pelvic musculature to a biofeedback device for the purpose of rehabilitation of weak pelvic floor muscles in the treatment of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the involuntary and unwanted loss of urine from the bladder or urethra.

  • Short tampon type is slender and short for the patient who has had pelvic surgery and may have a shortened vaginal vault.
  • 5 EMG sizes to accommodate a variety of anatomical considerations.
  • Latex-free pressure sensors with no flange.
  • Circumferential sensors which enable more accurate sensing of muscle Requirement.
  • Sensors are compatible with many different types of biofeedback and EMG equipment.
  • Sensors have been laboratory tested for safety of materials.
  • 1” Sensor for women of childbearing age and those who are sexually active.

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