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Hydro-Trach T Mk. II HME 19mL, 15F Connectors

  • Hydro-Trach T Mk. II HME 19mL, 15F Connectors - Save Rite Medical
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CareFusion Intersurgical® Hydro-Trach T® Mk. II Heat and Moisture Exchanger 19mL, 15F Connector, 1.3cm H2O at 60lpm Resistance to Flow, 26mg H2O at VT500mL Moisture Return, 8g Weight

Hydro-Trach T® Mk. II is a heat and moisture exchange device designed for use with spontaneously breathing patients in order to reduce loss of heat and moisture during respiration. When a patient has a tracheostomy, the normal system of temperature and moisture maintenance is bypassed by the insertion of the tracheal tube. The possible loss of heat and moisture can lead to serious complications, notably damage to cilia and the mucous glands. This in turn may result in retention of sputum and atelectasis, production of mucous plugs and potential tubal occlusion.

  • It has a number of unique features which make it an ideal product for prolonged use with spontaneously breathing patients, notably damage to cilia and the mucous glands.
  • It is small and lightweight, which prevents pull on the patient connection.
  • Has a standard 15mm fitting for attachment to the patient’s tracheotomy tube.
  • The smooth rounded edges prevent unnecessary trauma to the patient during use.
  • Two foam HME elements provide a suitable medium for returning moisture to the patient in the form of humidified gas.
  • A clipped suction port allows suctioning to take place with the product in situ creating less disturbance of the patient.
  • Designed for use on tracheostomized patients.
  • Maximum period of use is 24 hours.


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