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Humidophone Plus Speaking Valve with HME Filters | BH-46487

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Boston Medical Products Humidophone® Plus with Speaking Valve with HME Filters, Polyurethane Foam Housing, Single Use

Humidophone® Plus is a compact speaking valve with HME filter. The Humidophone® Plus filters the air during inspiration. The housing contains an open-pored polyurethane foam with hygroscopic characteristics creating an additional humidification effect. The filter is located in front of the speaking valve flap, i.e. on the patient side. The Humido - phone® Plus speaking valve with HME filter is designed for the adaptation to 15mm connectors or 22mm connector rings, e.g., Duravent®/ Duracuff® 15mm connector or 22mm combi-adapter, base plates/ adhesive plates. This makes Humidophone® Plus perfectly suited for use in combination with Duravent®, Duracuff® and Duratwix® tracheo - stomy tubes, as well as other tube systems. The Humidophone® Plus speaking valve enables tracheostomized patients with an intact larynx to speak. The Humidophone® Plus speaking valve is intended for single use only. The use in combination with further humidification or nebulizer aids through inhalation devices is not recommended.

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