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Goodnites Tru-Fit Durable Underwear Refills, Unisex, Large/X-Large

  • Goodnites Tru-Fit Durable Underwear Refills, Unisex, Large/X-Large - Save Rite Medical
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GoodNites® has revolutionized bedwetting protection with the introduction of GoodNites® Tru-Fit underwear and GoodNites® Tru-Fit absorbent inserts. Our new GoodNites® Tru-Fit products are real underwear. They look, feel and fit like regular underwear, but offer outstanding nighttime protection when combined with new GoodNites® Tru-Fit absorbent inserts. GoodNites® Tru-Fit underwear is nighttime underwear that can be washed, folded, and put right in the dresser with regular daytime underwear. Designed to keep kids confident while easing the frustration of bedwetting accidents, GoodNites® Tru-Fit Products are a discreet alternative to nighttime underwear, training pants and bed mats.

  • Machine-washable cotton-blend underwear that is soft.
  • Can be folded and put in the dresser just like real underwear.
  • The elastic underwear waistband is comfortable and snug.
  • Easy-to-replace absorbent inserts.
  • Constructed with fully sealed seams to lock in leaks.
  • Low-cost liner.
  • Adorable designs for both boys underwear and girls underwear ages 4 to 12.


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