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Foley Catheter Insertion Tray with 10 cc Pre-Filled Syringe, PVP | 55-OR3206EA

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Cardinal Healthcare Foley Catheter Insertion Tray with PVP Swab Stick 10cc Prefilled Syringe, Water-resistant Underpad, One Pair of Gloves, Fenestrated Drape

The Foley Catheter Insertion Tray by Cardinal Health includes all needed accessories for proper catheter placement. This tray features a graduated basin, graduated measure, solution, latex gloves, waterproof underpad, tong, cotton balls and lubricating jelly. These trays are 10 cc size and feature a prefilled syringe with sterile water.

  • Sterile, graduated, peel-off lid drainage trays.
  • Prefilled 10 cc syringe.
  • Benzalkonium chloride or povodone-iodine solution.
  • Sterile packaging.
  • No catheter included.

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