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Elasto-Gel Foot/Ankle/Heel Protector Boot Lg/Xlg | SW-HL407

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Southwest Technologies Elasto-Gel™Foot/Ankle/Heel Protector Boot Large-Extra or Large, Non Slip Cover, Flexible

The Elasto-Gel™ Heel/Ankle Protector Boot is a flexible, adjustable boot that offers protection for the heel, foot and ankle bones. Elasto-Gel™ technology has proven to be an effective pressure relieving gel and is combined with special fabrics and closed cell foam to provide effective heel protection. The gel insert is adjustable within the boot to allow total coverage where desired. In addition, the gel provides thermal properties which allow the application of hot or cold therapy.

  • Pads and protects the heel, foot and ankle.
  • For Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory use.
  • Distributes weight away from bony areas.
  • Elasto-Gel™ Insert may be used for hot/cold therapy.
  • Adjustable to fit most sizes.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy-to-use.

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