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Dansac Soft Wire Ties, 4 1/2" Long

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Incutech Soft Wire Tie 4-1/2" L, Tan Colored

The Dansac Soft Wire tie closure is a tan (skin) colored foam covered ‘wire tie’. To protect the skin, the foam is also ‘wrapped’ around both (short) edges of the ‘wire tie’. The closure device is very flexible. It should be attached about 1/4" from the bottom of the open end of the drainable pouch by ‘peel and stick’, i.e. an adhesive strip is exposed by peeling off the release paper and then the ‘wire tie’ is attached. The end of the pouch is folded around the closure device 3-4 times and then secured in place by folding the ends of the ‘wire tie’. The closure device is available in two lengths, one ‘regular’ and one longer, suitable for pouches with a wider opening.

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