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Button Bolus Feeding Tube 18 fr x 10" | 57-000257

  • Button Bolus Feeding Tube 18 fr x 10" - Save Rite Medical
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Bard Button Bolus Feeding Tube with Straight Adapter 18Fr x 10" L Shaft, Pediatric and Adult, Non-sterile, Low Profile, Non-obtrusive

Bard Button Continuous Feeding Tubes with 90 degree Adapter are similar to the decompression tube above, except that the tube enters the button at a right angle, providing a more permanent (though still non-locking) attachment that will not tug at the button.

  • Cosmetically appealing, non obtrusive, skin level device.
  • Anti-Reflex valve helps provide safer feeding.
  • Low-profile external bolster secures the device, while being cosmetically appealing for ambulatory patients.
  • The full range of sizes allows the device to accommodate pediatric and adult patients.
  • Low profile Bard Button decreases the potential for accidental tube removal.

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