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Biatain Silicone Foam Dressing, 3" x 3"

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Coloplast Inc Biatain® Silicone Foam Dressing 3" x 3"  

Biatain® Silicone gives you the best of foam and the best of silicone in one dressing. Silicone dressings are gentle on the skin, and easy to remove and reposition with minimal pain to the patient. Traditional foam dressings provide superior absorption, fluid management and flexibility. Biatain® Silicone combines the gentleness of silicone and the effectiveness of foam.

  • The unique design of Biatain® Silicone, using silicone only on the adhesive border, allows full contact between foam and wound, creating an optimal healing environment.
  • With only two layers, Biatain® Silicone is far more flexible, creating a perfect fit anywhere on the body – even in awkward places.
  • The unique three-part opening allows for non-touch application, which greatly minimizes the risk of infection and waste of dressings.
  • Silicone tacks rather than sticks to the skin, which makes the dressing easy to remove and reposition with no pain to the patient.

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