BetterMilk 12+ Strawberry Creme, 1.8 Ounce


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Camino PRO BetterMilk 12+ Strawberry Creme. 200 calories per serving. Camino PRO BetterMilk 12+ Strawberry Creme with Glytactin is a whole protein blend of glycomacropeptide and amino acids to treat PKU. The mix-with-liquid powdered formula makes a creamy, neutral, strawberry cream beverage. This is a metabolic formula replacement and is perfect for breakfast, meal or snack time. Fully fortified with vitamins and minerals, has probiotic activity, and contains DHA. (Although this BETTERMILK drink has been designed with optimal vitamins and minerals for those ages 12 and older, it can be consumed by anyone with PKU. A BETTERMILK drink specifically designed with all the vitamins and minerals for those ages 3 to 12 is also available.) Part of the Camino PRO line of food friendly metabolic formula products.

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