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Aqua Guard Moisture Barrier, 4" X 4" Retail Pack | BG-50004RPK

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Cenorin LLC AquaGuard® Moisture Barrier 4" x 4", Actual Area of Coverage is 2-1/2" x 2-1/2", Retail Pack, Small-Medium Surgical Sites, Tube Thoracostomies, Broviac® Catheters

AquaGuard ® is a latex-free impermeable moisture barrier that protects surgical incisions, dressings and vascular access sites while showering or sponge bathing. Keeps the site dry, helping to protect against waterborne bacteria. When ordering, select the size that is slightly larger than the actual area or device needing coverage. For areas needing range of motion such as knees and elbows, purchase one size larger than area to be covered.

  • Provide latex-free supplemental dressing for use during showers.
  • Protect wounds, vascular devices, primary dressings, stoma, or transdermal patches.
  • Offer 4-sided adhesion that forms a protective barrier to seal out moisture.
  • Easy to apply and are available in a variety of sizes for home or hospital use.

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