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AirLife Misty Max 10 Disposable Nebulizer with Adult Aerosol Mask

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CareFusion AirLife™ Misty Max 10™ Disposable Nebulizer with Adult Aerosol Mask and 7 ft Oxygen Tubing with Blue Rigid Tip

AirLife™ Misty Max 10™ disposable nebulizers deliver fast and effective treatment to a wide range of patients. They feature a one-piece, jet design that delivers high output rates resulting in faster treatment times and consistent medication delivery. A full, 10 cc capacity provides medication dosing flexibility. The anti-spill design helps prevent medication waste and allows the unit to be used at an angle to accommodate various patient positions.

  • Adult Aerosol Mask
  • 7 ft Oxygen Tubing
  • Blue Rigid Tip

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