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Adjustables Eyewear, Black Frame with Clear Lens | DK-EM02BK

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Adlens Adjustables™ Black Frame Eyewear with Clear Lens

Adjustables™ eyewear, black frame with clear lens. With Adlens® adjustables, can see up close, into the distance, at the turn of a dial. Great for sharing. Featuring continuously adjustable lenses these durable and lightweight glasses are perfect for any task. With a comfortable unisex frame and adjustable nosepiece, Ultimate spare pair for every home. Adjust for any distance, near to far. Smooth adjusting mechanism and comfortable fit.

  • Continuously adjustable near, intermediate and distance tasks.
  • Easily changes the glasses to match needs.
  • Corrects over 90% of spherical errors (-6D to +3D spherical).
  • Award winning Alvarez Lens technology.
  • Two-Wave shaped polycarbonate plates slide across one another to the change the power of the lens.


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