Accu-Chek Tender I Mini 43" 13 mm Infusion Set


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Roche Insulin Delivery Accu-Chek® Tender I Mini Infusion Set 43" Tubing, 25G x 13mm Cannula, 20 to 45° Insertion Angle, 25G Insertion Needle, Self-Adhesive Disetronic Accu-Chek® tender Infusion Set is designed to work with all standard luer lock insulin pumps. It comprises of needles and tubes which has simple disconnection, connection slides into and out of the base with an audible click which allows for safe connection without looking at infusion site. Features includes PVC-free, double-layer tubing with an inner layer of polyethylene and an outer layer of polyurethane.

  • Soft cannula and front half of the adhesive.
  • Variable insertion angle for optimal site-specific placement depth.
  • Multiple cannula lengths for optimal fit with body type and infusion site.
  • Flexible cannula for round-the-clock comfort.
  • Window in base unit for viewing infusion site.
  • Angled insertion for controlled, two-handed manual insertion.
  • Diagonal insertion helps avoid contact with muscle and truly adapts to every movement.
  • It is soft and flexible and can hardly be felt, yielding to every movement of your body.
  • Comfortable, hypoallergenic self-adhesive stays firmly in place.
  • The low profile of the head set makes the infusion set almost invisible.
  • Simple disconnection at site without excess tubing.
  • The connector at the head set is corrugated and easy to find with the sense of touch.
  • The audible click indicates that the connection is firm.
  • Transparent window is built into the hypoallergenic cotton adhesive base, which allows wearer to easily detect inflammation at the infusion site.

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