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Melgisorb Plus Absorbent Calcium Alginate Dressing, 12.5" Rope


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Melgisorb® Plus is a highly absorbent alginate dressing for a wide variety of exudative wounds moderate to strong. The soft, sterile dressing is composed of fibers, sodium and calcium alginate that facilitate excellent absorbency of large amounts of exudate. Improved fastness to wet allows the dressing to be removed in a set. By absorbing exudates, the alginate fibers form a soft gel creating a moist wound medium which stimulates the healing process. The gel is easily removed by irrigating with saline solution (0.9%).

  • Hydrophilic alginate fibers: Maintains an optimal moist environment, minimizes the risk of maceration and does not stick to the wound.
  • Advantages: Very absorbent, does not adhere to the wound site after gelation.
  • Suitable for cavities.
  • Gels in contact with exudates or ions sodium (salt).
  • Soft/foldable -- can be cut, easy to apply and remove and not-sensitizing.
  • Indication: Venous and arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers, sampling sites, post-operative wounds and skin lesions and other external wounds caused by trauma.
  • Sterile.

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