Catheter Adhesive Dressing Replacement Patch


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Uresil Catheter Adhesive Dressing Replacement Patch, Polyurethane

The system incorporates a silicone disk , locking collar (nylon) and transparent adhesive patch, the inherent friction of the silicone disk along with the polyurethane material in the catheter secures the catheter without occluding the lumen, transparent tape allows the caregiver the ability to monitor the skin condition, the dressing can be easily changed without disturbing the wound site or dislodging the catheter, universal design that can be used on any brand of catheter

  • Adjustable nylon locking ring to secure catheter in place.
  • Transparent silicone fixation device and adhesive patch.
  • Six distinct Fr. sizes (6 Fr. €“ 16 Fr.) to ensure proper fit on all brands of catheter.
  • Suture holes to further secure the disk in place.

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