Standard Mid-Core Pillow (Firm Support) 22" X 15"


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Mid-Core® Pillow Regular 22" x 15", Mid-Size Standard Support, Allergen-Free, Antimicrobial Fiber

The Mid-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow aids if you constantly wake up in the morning with a headache, have neck pain or can't seem to get comfortable when you sleep, your neck is telling you that you need more support. To solve this problem, we've researched the best ergonomic product solution for you. The Mid Core Orthopedic Support Pillow is a premier, fiber-filled ergonomic pillow that provides the highest quality cervical support available. The Mid Core Orthopedic Support Pillow supports the neck vertebrae in a natural position and reduces nerve pressure on the neck to reduce muscle stress and tension for a more restful sleep. As you sleep, the Mid-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow cradles your neck in its most natural and neutral position. The down-like feel of the Mid Core Orthopedic Support Pillow provides lasting freshness, excellent support and superior pillow life.

  • Mid-size version of our Tri-Core, the industry's #1 fiber support pillow.
  • Supports neck to relieve pain, restore natural curvature.
  • Premium allergen-free, antimicrobial fiber.
  • Comfort for back and side sleepers.

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