Ombra® Compressor Air Filters, Pack of 5


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Your Ombra® Table Top Compressor is equipped with a special air filter that will slowly change color with use. The original filter is bright white, but it will slowly turn grey with use. Your air filter should be changed every 30 days, or as visual inspection indicates. The compressor should never be used without an air filter installed.

To change the filter 

  1. Remove AIR FILTER COVER by holding the cover and turning counterclockwise approximately 90 degrees. Pull the cap and filter cover out.
  1. Remove filter from the cover, and dispose of the old filter.
  2. Insert a new filter into the cover, then place the AIR FILTER COVER back into the compressor and turn clockwise approximately 90 degrees to tighten.
  1. Do not over tighten. There will be resistance when the AIR FILTER COVER is securely fastened.

CAUTION: Do not wash or reuse the filter. Use only Ombra® Replacement Filters (Part Number: 66501). Do not attempt to substitute any other material to act as a filter as this will result in damage to the compressor.

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