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Venoseal Adjustable Tension Loop


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Timm Medical Technologies VenoSeal™ Adjustable Constriction Loop Ring 8-3/4" L, Synthetic Rubber and Plastic, Reusable The VenoSeal™ is a new product, designed for men who are able to obtain their own erections naturally, but have difficulty in maintaining them. The VenoSeal™ is not designed for use with the ErecAid System. The VenoSeal™ is an Adjustable Constriction Loop that is placed and tightened at the base of the penis. With proper tension, the VenoSeal™ device will be comfortable to the user, but also provide enough additional pressure to prevent blood from flowing back into the body thus maintaining an erection. Tension can be applied for 30 minutes, then the VenoSeal™ should be removed.

  • Reusable.
  • One size fits all.
  • Adjustable tension.

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