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Mepiform 4" X 7" Self-Adherent Silicone Dressing

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Mepiform 4" x 7" self-adherent soft silicone gel sheeting..sold by the box of 5.

Mepiform scar pads are used to reduce old or new scars that are red and raised. The dressing is micro-thin and has an adhesive that enables it to stay on for up to a week, and it is available in different sizes. This silicone dressing is particularly helpful in reducing the redness and raised tissue that is often seen in hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Types of scars that improve

Mepiform scar pads can be used on both newly formed areas and old ones as well. It also works well to prevent red and raised areas from forming on a newly healed wound that has closed. It has shown little to no improvement in old white marks on the skin that are flat, but it is very effective on red raised areas, according to clinical studies. In addition, professionals agree that the use of silicone is effective in managing these formations on the skin.

Prevention of red, raised areas with this product

After an injury, surgery, or an accident in which an incision was made, or a tear or cut in the skin resulted, Mepiform scar pads can be applied to the area as a preventive measure. The wound must be closed completely before use, and it should not be applied over a scab. It is also important not to use this product on a wound that has become infected. When used as soon as the area has healed, Mepiform scar pads will prevent red, raised areas. There is still a chance that they could form, but the chance of this occurring is greatly reduced when this dressing is used.

How it works

Medical professionals have agreed for some time that silicone gel dressings improve or eradicate the body of red, raised scars. Mepiform scar pads help these areas to become softened, flattened, and faded. After using Mepiform scar pads, they are improved to the point that they may be almost impossible to see, or they may be less visible. The product is safe when used as directed, and can be safely used on children as well.

When using these products to prevent the scarring of a wound, it should be used for at least one month. Mepiform scar pads should be worn 24 hours each day, and the outcome will depend on how faithfully the product is worn. It can be worn comfortably because of its ultra-thin design.

When Mepiform scar pads is applied to an existing red, raised area, results differ from person to person, depending on its age and condition. Results may be seen in as short of a period as two months, or it could take a year for improvement to be seen.

How to use the product

Mepiform scar pads should be placed over the existing scar or the newly healed wound and left in place until the adhesive begins to loosen. This is usually between three and seven days. Mepiform scar pads should be replaced at this time. If it is very large, more than one dressing may be used to cover the area. Mepiform scar pads can also be cut to cover smaller areas.

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  1. It's expensive but well worth it... Rating5

    Posted by Jessica Fisher on Oct 23, 2011

    I have tried all kinds of creams and what not but this dressing truly does work I started seeing real results within the first 3 weeks of using it. The only down side about this dressing is the price.

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