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Coloplast® Comfeel® Plus Clear Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing 2" L x 2-3/4" W Square Shape, Sterile, Nerve EndingsColoplast® Comfeel® plus hydrocolloid clear thin dressing is comfortable, thin and flexible for adapting to the contours of the wound and body. It has transparency that allows for visual inspection without disturbing the wound. Does not contain alginate. The dressing can stay on up to seven days, which means less wound disruption and increased patient comfort.Comfortable, thin and flexible for adapting to the contours of the wound and body.Has a semipermeable surface providing a dressing that regulates the moisture in the wound in accordance with the volume of exudates.Nerve endings and granulation tissue are effectively protected by the gel formed by the absorbent, moist mass.Maintains optimal moisture through a unique interplay between absorption and evaporation.During heavy exudation, the film allows for evaporation and provides space for additional exudates.Reduces risk of rucking and improves patient comfort with a beveled edge.During light exudation, the pores contract to limit the evaporation.

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