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Fentanyl is a narcotic pain reliever intended to provide relief to patients experiencing chronic pain. The fentanyl patch is prescribed to allow individuals a convenient method of receiving a consistent dosage of the analgesic. It generally takes a few days for fentanyl to build up in the system and provide optimal pain relief. Therefore, it is recommended for new users of the medication to continue taking an additional narcotic orally until the patch begins to work effectively at managing chronic pain. As with any prescription medication it is important to carefully follow a doctor’s instructions regarding use of the drug.


Fentanyl skin patches are designed to be worn by most patients for a maximum of three days at which point the patch should be removed and a new one placed in a different location. It is advisable to apply the patch to a dry area of skin, preferably on the back, chest or arm in close proximity to the shoulder. Some individuals find their fentanyl patch keeps falling off despite following recommendations for application. Optimal results should occur when the fentanyl is placed in a location free of hair and abrasions, on skin that is dry and not oily. In order to minimize irritation from a transdermal method of medication patients need to find a location on their skin that is intact and free of rashes, cuts or scars. If despite these recommendations the individual still experiences that their fentanyl patch wont stay on it is beneficial to investigate the use of tegaderm film.


Patients utilizing fentanyl patches for relief of their chronic pain symptoms should be able to shower and swim without the adhesive of the patch being compromised. However, individuals often discover that their fentanyl patch keeps falling off and need to discard a dose that has not been completely used and reapply another. Transparent tegaderm film is an available solution when the fentanyl patch wont stay on the skin after it has become moistened during a daily shower or day at the beach. 

Tegaderm film is manufactured to enhance breathability and help keep the area of skin free from excess moisture while maintaining a waterproof barrier designed to keep external contaminants from entering and irritating the skin. Pain sufferers depend on narcotic analgesics to keep discomfort at a minimum and be able to perform daily activities and responsibilities. The convenience of a skin patch allows a patient to benefit from a higher quality of life despite chronic pain conditions without worrying about taking an oral medication at specific time intervals throughout the day. 

The transparency of tegaderm products provides the ability to monitor the condition of a fentanyl patch and ensure that it remains properly adhered to the skin. Tegaderm applications are comfortable while being worn and in spite of the strength of the adhesive it is gentle enough that removal should not cause irritation or discomfort to the person. Fentanyl users aggravated with wasting unused patches that fall off too early will find multiple advantages to utilizing a transparent tegaderm dressing whenever a new patch is applied.