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Whether you're dealing with mild or severe injuries, you'll find the Wound Care Supplies you need at Save Rite Medical. We have adhesive bandages, wound cleansers, compression bandages, silicone scar reduction sheets, and much more from the top brands. All of our wound care products ship quickly so you receive them fast.

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All wounds expose sufferers to the possibility of microbial infection. When a wound is very small, the body's usually has no problem fighting off any pathogens that enter before closing the wound quickly. When wounds are larger, or when patients have medical issues that make normal healing impossible, additional wound care becomes necessary. For daily use, small bandages, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol are usually enough. When larger injuries are involved or smaller wounds won't heal, specialized wound care supplies are needed. For sterilization, patients can use wound cleansers and cotton applicators. To encourage healing and the formation of new tissue, bandages and wound pastes should be applied. The following looks at various wound care supplies available at Save Rite Medical.


Wound Cleansers


Often available in convenient spray bottles, wound cleaning solutions are used for removing debris and other contaminants from surfaces or inner portions of serious wounds. Surfactants are often included to help wetting agents penetrate and cleanse more thoroughly with various antimicrobial ingredients and moisturizers. Patients use these cleansers each time they change their wound dressings to support the body's production of new tissue. 


Wound Dressings


At the most basic level, wound dressings may be pieces of gauze taped onto wounds. Many advances have been made in this area, however, and today's dressings include foam gauze dressings, transparent dressings and wound pastes. 


Non-absorbent, transparent wound dressings are designed to maintain moisture in skin ulcers, minor burns and lacerations they're applied to. By allowing fluid to build up underneath, transparent dressings enable epithelial cells to migrate into place and facilitate healing. 


Wound pastes, made of various substances including gelatin and pectin, also work by creating a moist environment where healing can occur. Used on pressure ulcers and wounds with necrosis and drainage, wound pastes become flexible dressings that let patients continue to bathe normally. 


Foam wound dressings are absorbent to different degrees, but many keep moisture in the wound while also allowing some to escape. Because foam dressings can be shaped and leave nothing behind after being removed, they're particularly suited to deeper wounds and those with large amounts of drainage. In some cases, foam dressings are coated with silicone to reduce reduce trauma during removal. 


Silicone Scar Reduction Products


These reusable wound care products are used on closed wounds and existing hypertrophic or keloid scars to prevent or eliminate scarring. Silicone gel sheets encourage optimal healing by keeping the area moist. Over time, collagen deposition and blood flow to the area is reduced, causing the dark scar tissue to become lighter and less noticeable. Silicone liquid products work the same way but are applied from a bottle. While gel sheets are often more effective, liquids are convenient alternatives used by many patients when they aren't currently wearing their gel sheets.


Compression Bandages


While adhesive bandages are used for surface wounds, compression bandages are used to promote the healing of internal injuries, including venous ulcers, lymphedema and more severe issues. By compressing the affected area, these bandages increase blood circulation and reduce swelling. Longer, flexible compression bandages are used on larger areas for more severe conditions, while shorter ones are preferred for injuries on the hands and feet. Unlike shorter compression bandages, longer ones are usually removed when patients are at rest. 


Because wounds vary so much in presentation and severity, wound healing rarely occurs the same way from one case to another. Patients can be better prepared for different courses of healing by keeping a variety of wound care supplies. With a selection of wound care products on hand, healing can be supported appropriately from start to finish.

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